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OM Plus

The OM Plus System provides a solid and reliable basis for all your Output Management needs! All printers and output devices can be managed with this system, thus providing a platform for the definition of further processes for your Output Management requirements. Thanks to the ability to define flexible and customised data processes stages, there are few limits in the capability of the system.

Starting from a system with just 4 printers (e.g. print room management), the system can be extended to a concern-wide licensed solution. With over 8000 printers, a server is still capable of providing a good response and performance and not least, is very competitive in price compared with it's competitors!

Solutions, not just products

We place a lot of emphasis on supplying solutions rather than just products. Products such as the "OM Plus Deliver Manager" allow us to deliver such solutions, something we know from experience is not always provided by our competition. The products we supply are extendable with a view to providing long-term customer solutions.

OM Plus Delivery Manager

OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM) is a platform independent replacement for classical spooling systems. It was developed to manage print jobs from multiple applications to their output destination, whether a printer, email, archive or other e-business systems. OM Plus DM provides professional functionality for this purpose, such as load balancing and fail-over across multiple printers, guaranteed delivery and many more features that a standard operating system spooling system cannot offer.

OM Plus My-Print-Delivery

OM Plus My-Print-Delivery offers a complete "Secure Printing / Follow Me Printing" print output solution, which on the one hand results in reduced costs thanks to the avoidance of unrequired print output and on the other hand increases data security by ensuring only the intended reciepient can pick up their documents from an output device. In addition, it is an ideal solution for a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), where fixed working stations are a thing of the past but reliable document printing is still required.

OM Plus Stats Manager

OM Plus Stats Manager can provide detailed information about print jobs, which devices are being used most, etc, so that costs can be correctly allocated to the correct cost-centres. There's hardly a better way to get costs under control than in allocating those costs to the departments responsible!

Imagine you have invested in highly modern multi-function colour output devices that are used by multiple employees. With the help of OMS Plus Stats Manager you can analyse the costs of printing that occur at such devices. Sometimes it makes sense to print certain documents, that are not required in high-quality output, on other devices! That too, is Output Management!


OM Plus i-Sat is an extension of Delivery Manager offering printing via the Cloud (Internet) for external offices and employees that do not have a fixed VPN connection. The target computer requires a normal internet connection and an i-Sat component which regularly checks the central OM Plus DM server for new jobs.

OM Plus i-Sat allows small external business units, employees in home offices or partner organisations that do not share the company network infrastructure to be connected to the central Output Management System.

Fleet Manager

OM Plus Fleet Manager (FM) is a software system for managing printer pools. For example, it can be used to help service providers manage printers and multi-function devices for end-customers. Such devices store information about their usage, such as the number of printed pages (colour/black & white), copies, scans, faxes, error messages and error status, toner usage and status, etc. Fleet Manager reads this information and stores it back to a central database for anaysis and evaluation.