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JDocuMate — Java DCS API

Automate the creation of business documents with Java


There are few tools on the market that offer the ability to automate the creation business documents in Java, from printed to electronic output. In many cases, the raw data has to be exported and processed with a third-party external system.

JDocuMate is a Java API for converting raw data into business documents and outputting printable data streams and/or PDF formatted documents. It was developed to simplify the processing of large data volumes and format data into document pages direkt in PCL5 and Postscript for printing and outputting PDF for printing, archiving, mailing and web-applications.

The API framework offers powerful tools that are simple to understand and easy to apply, so that non-professional Java programmers can quickly learn how to create business documents with the framework, as long as they know something about document formatting.

For professionals, the Java language offers virtually unlimited possibilities for data processing from various - even mixed - data sources, including document bundling or splitting, to provide fully automated solutions for the production of complex business documents.

For further details, visit the JDocuMate Webseite