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Invaris Suite — Document Composition

The core of the INVARIS Suite is the machine that combines raw data with layouts, resources and conditions, to automate the creation of your electronic documents.

Process Manager

The Process Manager defines how incoming data should be processed by the DCS engine, what type of output is required and where that output is to be transported. The Process Manager determines whether a fully automated batch processing is required or whether interactive documents are created for further manual checking and processing, e.g. interactive documents for a customer call-centre.

Job Manager

The Job Manager is an optional component that extends the ability of the system to split, sort and bundel document output. It is capable of providing complex multi-job processing in order to combine several incoming data streams, sort and output to one or more output jobs. The module is extremely value when your IT systems do not deliver raw data for documents in the required order and in the required bundels or groupings.

Interactive Forms

One of the most performant modules that the INVARIS Suite offers is Formstation. It enables documents created by the core engine to be integrated into business workflows so that they can be further manually modified, extended, verified and completed before they are finally sent to the end recipient. The Formscape GUI is comparable with the most modern document processing clients and allows all or part of a document to be processed and completed while protecting other parts of the document (logo, footer, etc.) from change.

Design & Test

Two products in effect, the first is a client for the design and layouting of documents and their resources, defining the rules and conditions required to convert raw data automatically into business documents. The Test Centre allows the comparison of document output after a change to a layout design with pre-determined standards, to ensure changes in centralised resourcing do not have negative effects on third-party documents.

SAP Connectivity

Together with a Technology Partner, INVARIS can bind their product directly into the SAP document output processes resulting not only in a single GUI for end-users, but also the integration of interactive documents with the SAP Archive Link channel, thus allowing users to complete interactive documents without leaving their trusted SAP GUI environment.