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Output Management

We offer both Consultancy and Development capabilites for all Output Management requirements. In particular when a complete concern-wide solution architechture is required, fully integrated into all system processes.

Beginning with the data extraction in an ERP system, to the generation of business critical documents, ending with a secure and reliable delivery to the end-recipient. By analysing and visualising this supply chain, related IT processes can be improved and simplified. This not only reduces the number of redundant processes thus reducing costs, it improves the overall business communication involved in Output Management Workflows

The success of such optimization is measurable and reduces operation and licensing costs. A 20% reduction in the cost of producing documents is not untypical.

"The solutions developed to print invoices and related documents have now been in operation for the last 12 years. There is nothing on the market that compares in stability and performat." — Hans Schober Keller Verlag

An investment in an Output Management system has fundamental significance for most organisations and an effective cost control for Output Management should be of equal interest both to the IT and financing deparments in any concern.

Output Managment provides management of printer spooling processes, that can be the cause of significant costs in large organisations - due to many different printers, often linked with eMail, fax and archiving processing from many different applications (e.g. Office and SAP) and/or various different operation systems.

A professional Output Management System (OMS) can contribute significantly to the optimisation of the IT infrastructure and hence keep costs for output of business documents under control. The implementation of a central spooling system, which manages output for all platforms and applications, provides a centrl single-point of responsibility and cost control for all company output management requirements.