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Business Communication

B2B, B2C - Business Communication! Whether industrial, financial, government, insurance, logistics, trade, health, telecommunications, servcies, or utilities - every organisation, every concern must ensure that documents, both physical and electronic, are produced reliably, accurately, and on time.

For the automated creation of business documents, most large concerns and organisations normally use a professional Document Composition solution. Simple Office solutions, such as a word processing, do not provide the necessary performance to create mass volumes of documents for monthly invoices, customer communcation, etc. In addition, conformance with Corporate Design and legal requirements when applying simple word processing tools cannot be guaranteed. Nor can the inclusion of the correct business details (company registration, tax number, etc.). And finally it is often difficult to integrate the content of such user-created word processing documents with the company's main IT systems and databases (e.g. SAP).

Customer Experience

Particularly for the interactive customer communication, the quality, delivery and access to business documents can be crucial in determining whether the customer is satisfied and thus remains a customer for further products and services in the future.