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Data Protection

By visiting this web site, information regarding access (date, time, pages viewed) may be saved. This information does not include personal data regarding the visitor, only anonymised information is saved. This data is used exclusively for the generation of statistics. No information is given to any other organisation, whether commercial or not.

The use of contact information in our web pages for marketing purposes is explicity not desired. The only exception would be if a third-party company has writter permission to use such data or is already in a business partnership with our company. We explicity forbid all other use of information on our web site for commerical use, nor is the transfer of this information for commerical use to third parties allowed.

Limits of Reponsibility

We take great care to ensure the content of our web site pages is accurate and correct. We accept no responsibility in law for the accuracy or completness of the web site content. Third parties using content from this web side do so at their own risk.

We do our best to ensure this web site is available at all times. However we cannot fully eliminate potential technical problems and accept no responsibility for damages that might occur to third parties if our web site cannot be reached for short terms. We reserve the right to change the content of this web site at any time we see fit.


All content published on this web site is subject to German copyright and data protection laws. Any use of content from this site that does not conform to Germany copyright and data protection laws requires written permission in advance. This applies in particular to translation, copying, storing or processing of information in databases or any other electronic media, that might have been extracted from this web site. The rights of third parties is clearly marked where relevant. The use of any information from the web site, whether in part or full pages is strictly forbidden, other than the normal access per browser for personal or business use.

Links to our web site are allowed and require no written permission from our company. However, the presentation of this web site within frames on another web page is not allowed.


Cookies are not use on this web site. We do not collect or save any data regarding visitors to this web site.

German Law applies

The laws of the German Republic apply at all times.