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Careers at clSysTech

We are growing - because our customers and partners appreciate us! We are looking for both experienced and newly qualified IT staff, including people interested in switching over to the field of document composition.

You should be available to travel freely around Germany, enjoy flexible working hours, including working from home when possible, and you should enjoy working in teams with the latest project management methods such as Scrum and/or Kanban. Projects are varied in their duration, sometimes they are only for a few months, in some cases, they can last for several years.

As a small company, we are looking for employees who have ambition and are prepated to taken on responsiblity, in order to support continued growth of the organistaion. We offer great chances for personal development.

You will receive training for all tools with which you are expected to work at our customer sites. In the initial months, you will work alongside one of our experienced technicians until you are able to take over responsibility for customer project implementation yourself. Where necessary, you will be sent to get training with our partners so that we can be sure you have the best know-how possible in the products you are expected to apply and maintain.

Our customers are often international concerns, therefore reasonable English is advantageous, as communication with business units abroad is often required.

Please send all applications with a current CV for the positions below to info@clsystech.com.

SAP ABAP Technician

We are looking for SAP IT specialists who enjoy working in various SAP projects in able to develop their talents, from development to project management.

You should have excellent ABAP knowledge. Our projects are varied, from IS-U, CO/FI, HCM through to specialist solution development for up-and-coming markets.

Java / J2EE Programmer

You enjoy programming in Java and already have experience with J2EE projects? We aer looking for J2EE programmers for projects across Germany, from straight-forward JSF/JSP programming through to Full Stack projects with various frameworks. Your should have knowledge of HTML/CSS and Javascript and equally understand modern test and QA methodologies.

Thus, whether you are a junior or senior programm, if you enjoy working for diverse customers across various branches and would like to do so as an employee rather than as a freelancer, then we should talk!

IT Service Technician - OMS and Document Composition

We are currently looking for an IT Service Technician for various customer projects. You should have good knowledge of Windows, Linux and/or other Unix derivatives, including a good understanding of system administration for these operating systems.

Your work will include the installation of software for our customers, integration into the customer IT infrastructure and the development of related applications. That can mean that you are required to work closely with the customer, often on-site, to ensure the customer specific requirements are timely delivered and put into production successfully.