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SAP Solutions

Advanced Features

Do you need more than the standard features that SAP provides for the creation, processing and output of your business documents? We provide state-of-the-art products with advanced features and can help you migrate from your old solutions and implement modern output management options into your SAP environment. Secure printing (follow-me printing), document workflow and authorised document release, interactive documents - these are just some of the advanced features that are not always particularly easy to implement in SAP.

Complete Solutions

We also supply services and experience for technologies such as SAPScript, Smart Forms, Lasersoft and ABAP where you need additional resources to cater for surges in demands.

Document Composition


SAP offers a number of standard tools for the design and production of business documents, from SAPScript through to the new Adobe Forms. However none of these offers the additional features that the INVARIS suite can provide, such document workflow, interactive document editing and completion and output to standard SAP channels such as spooling and archiving. Further, SAP customers that have been using the ERP system over many years, often find themselves owning a set of document applications that use a complete mix of these SAP technologies.

INVARIS comes with an ABAP plug-in (EPO Connector) to automatically generate XML data for document design from your existing SAPScript and Smart Form document applications. The fully WYSIWYG document Designer allows the creation and testing of complex document layouts with no further scripting, providing powerful data formatting capabilities and flexible form designs based on re-usable building-blocks, including full colour graphics and barcodes. A strict separation of development, test and production in the INVARIS database provides change management capabilities similar to the SAP transport process.

The ability to create document workflows means that SAP users can create business documents with INVARIS and then direct from the SAP GUI, further process these documents within the organisation, with selected parts of the documents allowed to be changed, document authorisation/rejection, before finally being submitted for sending to the end recipient, maintaining the required Corporate Design at all times.

The INVARIS solution is not only a direct competitor for the Abode Forms solution provided with SAP systems, it offers significantly more features and is much easier to use as a development tool. Before you move to Adobe Forms, take a look at the INVARIS system.

SAPScript and Smart Forms maintenance

Many companies have a huge number of existing document applications in their SAP systems that must be maintained for some time yet before all are migrated to newer technology. clSysTech can provide application developers to help you cover the maintenance of these documents while your staff are being trained to use new tools and are migrating existing documents to those new technologies.

We can provide experienced SAPScript and Smart Forms developers for short or long term projects at competitive rates, to help you cover short-falls or tackle periods of unusually high customer change requirements.

Print Job output mangement

OM Plus Delivery Manager and BC-XOM

The standard SAP spooler can reach your networked output devices but does not provide a real status feedback of whether a print job has actually been successfully printed, unless you are using the SAP Type E Connection, also know as BC-XOM output management interface.

The BC-XOM certified interface was introduced by SAP so that the ERP/CRM systems could provide advanced output management features. OM Plus from Plus Technologies includes a certified BC-XOM connector which provides SAP users with full information about the status of their print jobs when used together with OM Plus Delivery Manager. SAP users are notified of problems in good time, can react accordingly (e.g. re-route their print jobs), reducing down-time for your users due to printing problems.

Secure Print for SAP

Using the SAP certified OM Plus Delivery Manager brings additional benefits for your SAP users - such as a Secure Print solution (also often known as follow-me printing). As an add-on module, MyPrintDelivery provides a very competitive Secure Print option for SAP users.