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OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM)

OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM)

OM Plus DM is a cross-platform spooling replacement designed to deliver print jobs from multiple applications to their desired destination, usually a physical printer, but also eMail, archive, file or other e-Business systems. In tackling this task, OM Plus DM provides professional features unrivalled in standard operating system spooling software, such as load balancing, failover, guaranteed delivery, and much more.

Single OMS for all applications

OM Plus not only runs on most popular client/server platforms, from Windows, to Linux and main Unix derivates, it also connects to most business applications via their print output options. OM Plus is also certified for SAP's BC-XOM interface, which means it can be used as the single point of administration for all your company's document output. A web browser based thin-client means that users can follow their print jobs without having to worry about which system created the documents. They simply track the jobs at specific printers and output devices and get immediate status feedback.

Advanced Features

OM Plus provides advanced output management features such as load balancing, automatic failover, document processing and transformations, reprint of complete or partial jobs, job re-routing and print delivery to multiple destinations. These features can help automate and guarantee document output in environments where printer device break-downs can seriously affect business efficiency.

OM Plus is very scalable so it can grow with your needs and be employed on multiple servers. Users do not need to know which OM Plus server is processing their output jobs and administrators can use the Dashboard feature to maintain an overview of all their systems at any one time, enabling them to quickly identify and deal with problems as they occur.

Improving business processes

The overall aim of OM Plus is to ensure your business processes that depend on document output are not hampered by trivial printer, network or output load problems. The goal of the OM Plus software is to overcome daily output problems, automatically where possible, to deliver your documents to those users that require them.

Proven technology

OM Plus is used by thousands of organisations world-wide, from multinational organisations, government authorities, banks, utlities to small organisations whose work processes depend on reliable document delivery.

For further details, download the product brochure at the link above right and don't hesitate to contact us if you want to discuss your specific output management requirements with one of our technicians.